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From the mad genius of Internet marketing.

Inc.com has a post on their staff blog called:

The Kiva Connection: Our Adventure in Microlending

The writer discusses Inc.com's decision to get involved with kiva.org as a way to support entrepreneurs in developing countries:

"Over the holiday season, Inc.com reached out to our colleagues at Mansueto Ventures -- the company that publishes the print and online editions of Inc. and Fast Company -- with an idea to sponsor an entrepreneur through an organization called Kiva.org. As you may know, Kiva.org is a website that facilitates microloans to entrepreneurs all over the developing world."
Great stuff, I'm glad to see Inc.com is participating in such a worthy venture.  Then I read this:

"Our company was able to collect enough money to provide $25 loans to eight entrepreneurs."
So, between Inc.com and Mansueto Ventures they raised a whopping $200 for this cause. 


Man, talk about diggin' deep.

Need to Find a New Printer

We use a local Embroidme shop for many of our printing and all of our embroidery jobs that we have for our giveaways.  Unfortunately when I arrived, there was a lock out notice on the door today.

Thankfully I hadn't yet dropped off the 75 laptop covers that I was bringing up to have our logo put on.

Time to hunt for a new printer.
Well, at least the first stage of the new design implementation.  There are a number of areas we are still working on but when visitors drop by they'll see the new look.

After working on this with the designers and Chad E., our superhero Moveable Type guy, for about 5 months I can't explain how excited I am to see the new look in place.  We were very careful with spending our funds and the project took longer than it could have if we'd spent more money faster.  But, we chose to save money over time and we are here now. Yay!



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