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Everybody wants to succeed. Success, though, rarely comes easy. Nor does it happen overnight.

We often hear about overnight success stories, certain companies or individuals thrown into the limelight, having made millions from something or another. What we fail to realize, or rather the people calling them an "overnight success" fail to realize, is that there is usually a pretty substantial history building up to that success. Long hours, lots of money invested, family, goals or desires sacrificed, etc.

As the "newbie" at Search Engine Guide, I've been able to delay starting my own blogging endeavors for quite a while now, but the time has come.  I owe my motivation to both Small Business Marketing Unleashed and to Mack Collier.  So, for those of you who were also inspired by Mack's recent post about the fear of blogging (and/or SBMU), come!  Join me on my journey into this bizarre and addictive yet somehow fruitful world of blogging.

In this interview Mack Collier hits the nail on the head about how you can gain a competitive advantage in your industry. It's not easy and it takes commitment but the payoff can be significant.

Management can be a tricky thing. Many companies promote people to management / supervisory positions based on their knowledge of the job and ability to get things done. But management goes so far beyond that, which is why many managers are not as effective as they should be. So what does it take to be an effective manager/supervisor?

Another day, another stupid email promising exciting "exclusive technology" to get top rank for your site in Google and Yahoo.



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