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Creating a great office environment isn't the sole responsibility of the PIC - person in charge. While the business owner, managers and/or supervisors certainly have an effect based on their style of management, they are only half the the total equation. The other half are the employees themselves.

I recently came across several points outlining how to be happy. I realized that these can easily be applied to the work environment from an employee's perspective. I fully believe that every person is solely responsible for their own happiness. Life is not about what happens but what you do with what happens. Similarly, working in a happy and productive (both in terms work completed and personal development) is, in part, each person's own responsibility. Here are a few pointers to maintain a productive environment where you work.

A list of popular small business forum threads from the last week.

We often hear about overnight success stories, certain companies or individuals thrown into the limelight, having made millions from something or another. What we fail to realize, or rather the people calling them an "overnight success" fail to realize, is that there is usually a pretty substantial history building up to that success. Long hours, lots of money invested, family, goals or desires sacrificed, etc.

Sure, that "overnight" success might have come from an abnormal popularity surge, but that surge stemmed from a lot of hard work that few every truly understand.

We all want to know if we have what it takes so succeed. Let's find out by answering these three simple questions:

Comb-Over Marketing

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I am turning 50 this summer, but I was surprised at what I saw when I started to dry my hair the other day. Or rather, what I didn't see. I knew I had a nice bald spot up there, but whoa! I realized that I have a big shock of hair in front that I am combing over most of my head. I have a comb-over! At least I don't think it's a bad comb-over. Not yet. And that's when it hit me.

I like to think of myself as a loyal customer. If I find a good product or service, I'll evangelize it to death to anybody I know. While I've been happy with DirecTV for many years, over the past few months they are not showing me any love. In fact, I feel like I'm "old news" to them and I can be tossed in favor of someone new. For the first time in years, I'm exploring my options in cable/satellite providers. Here's why.



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