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On the train on my way home from the airport, I was sitting across from one of those guys talking on his cell phone. You know, the kind talking REALLY LOUD about absolutely nothing—just killing time—but forcing us to listen to it all. But I started to laugh when I saw that my talkative buddy was sitting under one of those anti-terrorist signs that say, "If you see something, say something." I felt like telling him, "And if you don't see anything, shut up."

Finding good employees can often be difficult, especially in an "employees market". Currently it seems it's harder for employers to fill a job than it is for job seekers to find one. That means it's incumbent upon us business owners and managers to get a bit more creative in how we find candidates for open positions. And then, like any good marketer, you've got to persuade your top candidates that you not only want them, they want you too.

It wasn't long ago that small businesses didn't talk much about marketing. Taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages or printing a few brochures for the trade show was about it. But the Web has changed everything. Not only can small businesses use the Web to do more marketing than they ever dreamed of, but the Web actually creates an environment that allows small businesses to succeed, even against larger competitors. Don't believe me? Read on.

What do you spend most of your (work) time doing? Things you're good at? Things you're terrible at? Or do you just spin your wheels doing things that just don't matter?

Developing yourself personally and professionally means that you have to do things with a purpose. You can't just let life carry you forward, blowing you wherever it leads. There is no virtue in doing whatever comes your way. You need to take control of your actions and move forward with a purpose.

It's been said that only the most egotistical of people could ever run for U.S. President. I believe that. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing either. It takes thick skin and a very strong desire to succeed to run a legitimate presidential campaign. There has to be something truly special about a presidential candidate. Not so much in doing what it takes to get enough votes to win, but simply in thinking one has the strength to succeed in run the country effectively.

Running a successful presidential campaign and running a successful company and running a successful personal life are all very much the same. They all take someone with great personal strength. Weak people need not apply to a successful, satisfying life.



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