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Everyone loves the convenience of ordering their favorite books, clothes, toys and a zillion other products online.  But, what if your business doesn't sell a product?  What about online ordering for the typical service business?  This is where HourTown comes in.

To me, running a business isn't just about making money, it's about being the very best in the business. Very few people are an island amongst themselves, and even fewer have succeeded solely on their own. Operating a business successfully requires delegating authority and finding people who can do things better than yourself.

For $250 OPEN-deals promises to get your profile in front of over 450+ angel groups.
A statement a friend of mine used to bury in my head regularly as she supported my idea of starting this business, now I know why!
Whenever I'm at a used bookstore I like to dig through the magazines looking for industry- specific publications.  I like learning how various industries approach issues common to all businesses regardless of the industry.  Everyone deals with marketing, employees, taxes, etc.

I'm going to start sharing the business magazines I find during my used bookstore expeditions.  I may even buy some new ones every so often but it's more fun for me to discover the magazines.

My plan is to drop by the bookstore today to see what I can find.
A digest of the best small business articles recently submitted to Small Business Brief.

Power Napping Tools

Thanks goes to Dumb Little Man for the reminder about how beneficial a power nap can be and for pointing out these online alarm clocks that prevent you from over- napping.

After attending conferences, we always comes back ignited with new, bold and innovative ideas. We come back with more ideas on the table than we'll be able to implement within the next twelve months. That's both good and bad. Many of the ideas are simply spectacular but we lack the resources to implement them while maintaining focus on our core business. The price of innovating minds, I guess!

The other day, one of my daughters provided me with some wisdom she said she overheard, "Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they die." That aphorism was brought to mind because I've recently had some people try to bite my head off.

I live my life in a way that forces me to always try to be better than I was the day before. A better dad, better husband, better boss and a better person in general. Over the course of the day and in the evening, or just driving in the car I do a lot of personal self-reflection. I run through the events of the day and wonder if I could have handled certain situations differently. If they would have had a better outcome had I done X rather than Z.



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