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These are certainly some pretty strange economic times for small business owners and lots of folks are afraid, understandably. And, all indicators point to a pretty tough 2009. So, what are you going to do, pack up the tent stakes or wrestle down this dragon?

Engage Your Customers Emotion
As we all scramble to create value, which can be a moving target sometimes, perhaps a solid strategy is to tap into and engage your customers emotion by placing focus on the customers experience. This goes beyond basic services, but it need not be complicated. Things like sending your customer a birthday card has already been taken and is worn out. So,............., what's left?

Lets do a Shot!
With a little creativity there are lots of ideas. At Urbane Apartments we transformed what used to be a very dry and boring task of signing an apartment lease into a fun and whimsical experience for our residents.  We do shots to celebrate the lease signing. Yep, Energy Drink Shots and, in our case, the vendor donates the Energy Drinks for exposure. We applied our logo sticker to a plain shot glass and we are ready to serve and celebrate. Residents get a real charge out of it, literally and it lightens up a typical boring lease signing. Too, there is a take home shot glass for the resident to keep and take home with them. This is also a great opportunity to take pictures of the toast. Kind of corny, but people love pictures and it gives you a chance to follow up with them when you email the picture, creating another touch point. You can also put the pictures up on a flickr site where they can be shared.  People love to share pictures.

Touch Points
What exactly is a touch point? A touch point is defined as, all of the communication, human and physical interactions your customers experience during their relationship life cycle with your organization. Within each of these touch points lie opportunities to engage with your customer.  Create a favorable experience at each of these turns and your customer satisfaction will increase exponentially. What are ou doing to enhance your customers experience?  



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