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Employment Interest Card

Don't wait until you are desperate to hire someone new. Generate leads to identify potential new employees by putting this Employment Interest Card in high traffic locations such as at your cash register. When someone who is interested in working at your business completes this card, they provide their contact information along with a short statement why they would make a great associate.

Employment Interest Card

Does the idea of interacting with our customers appeal to you? We are looking for individuals who'll fit into our company culture of providing the best customer service available at [company name]. If you will complete both sides of this interest card, we'll assess your potential and contact you for an interview if we think you might be a good addition to the [company name] team.

Name (print) ________________________________________

Phone Number ________________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________

Please use the space below to tell us why you would make a great [company name] associate. Do you have experience in retail and customer service? Give us details! Have received any work related awards or special recognition? Tell us! Do you have the perfect personality that makes you a favorite with customers? Give us details!






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Employee Disrespect & Hate
What is the solution when a small business owner encounters employee attitudes that are swinging in the wrong direction? One business owner was shrugged off when he offered a pay raise, and needs advice how to handle a group of employees that he is struggling with.