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Get Motivated!


Another year has almost gone? How is your overall profit looking? Maybe it's not quite what you had expected for the year. Well, step it up! Encourage yourself and employees to think outside the box the way many successful big and small fish companies have. Yes there may be failure but from failure you'll learn and grow. "It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." - Bill Gates.

Do The Right Thing, Someome is Watching

Looking for an edge in today's wacky economy, and simultaneously help you and your employees and team Do the Right Thing? Perhaps a public forum on your web site or a blog may just help nudge you or your company along to "Do the Right Thing" and improve performance. 
So, you have started a Small Business, and after a couple years you find yourself growing rapidly. You were able to manage just about everything yourself, but you knew that if your plan was going to work, it could not possibly stay that way forever

What Does Success Mean?


Success means a lot of things to a lot of people, but the bottom line, for most of us, is that success doesn't come easy. Most people who see someone else's "overnight success" cannot fathom the months or years of hard work, lost sleep, and sacrifices made to achieve that success.

Of course success is more than money or power. I tend to subscribe to definition #1 above rather than #2. You don't have to have any of those things to truly be successful, and you can be successful in many things that won't ever provide them. In business, success merely means that you've achieved your goals and dreams.

A Wake-Up Call for Small Business


Jeffrey Eisenberg has a wonderful post over at grokdotcom, in which he lays out in several simple statements his "Gut Check for Retailers." The reason its a great post is because it nails exactly what all companies, not just retailers, need to understand about the Internet.

Make a Decision Already!

Some of you out there are the procrastinators, or live in fear of making a mistake. My friends', being in business is a gamble in itself. Don't expect to be perfect, you won't. And that is OK!
There are a lot of good IT employees out there, so this is not meant to scare you. But if you read on, and this sounds familiar, I hope this can help a bit.
2 types of challenging interviews I usually see:
    The introvert who forces you to draw the information from them
    The "Salesperson" who is trying to sell you on themselves

The first summer after my oldest daughter turned 15, it was time for her to get a job. Unfortunately, despite my threats of cutting off her allowance, she had not taken job hunting seriously. Several weeks before summer started I started talking with her about getting out there so she could possibly have a job lined up and start work by the time school got out. But, unfortunately, she never made that a priority. Until she realized that she has no money to pay for text messaging!

Certainly as a businessman I can understand the necessity of maintaining a solid bottom line, but it never made sense to me that the company could not understand that the investment in its people, and not just its managers, would be the most important investment they make.



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