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AlwaysBeTestingCover.pngI've written before about how important it is to be testing everything you do, but I didn't write a whole book about it. No need to now, because bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg has (with John Quarto-vonTivadar and Lisa T. Davis), called Always Be Testing. There are lots of great books on Internet marketing, but every once in a while, one comes along that is so essential that everyone needs to read it. Here is one of those.

These FutureNow teammates don't just explain the importance of conversions or persuasion or the process of testing itself. They take apart the free multivariate testing tool, Google Website Optimizer.

This book is important because it not only provides many examples of how to use multivariate testing (and its simpler cousin, A/B testing), but it takes you step-by-step through the use of a free tool available to everyone. We're at the point where everyone knows that testing is important—in the abstract—but even with the availability of a no-charge test tool, most people don't have the background to know how to use it. And most people don't have the confidence to step out and try something without that background.

That's where this book comes in. Always Be Testing is your roadmap to the most important technique you can use on your Web site. It starts out by explaining to marketers why testing is crucual to any successful Wb site. The it provides myriad practical examples of what can be tested—everything from copy and images to user experience and navigation.

But my personal favorite part of the book comes last, where the authors explain, in Bert-and-Ernie words, how testing works for people who don't beep when they talk. To me, making sure that the average marketer can understand enough to talk to the stat heads and the tech geeks is one of the most important parts of any Internet marketing book. Many marketers went into the field as a refuge from math, so it's a real issue that Internet marketing has forced marketers to confront their biggest fear. This book helps take the edge off so that marketers uncomfortable with analytics and technology can still benefit from this terrific test tool.

So, don't be intimidated. The very people who need this book are the ones who have never thought that they would be able to understand this subject. If numbers scare you, don't worry. If you really start to freak out, just turn the calculator off and the numbers go away. Then you can curl up with a good book on testing...



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