Why I Use Vimeo Over YouTube

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I've worked with many large companies to incorporate video into their digital marketing, but I am not terribly proficient with a video camera myself. I'm hoping to add more video to my personal Web site over the next few months, but for now have only a handful of clips uploaded. So, while I'm not the most video-savvy person around, I do know one thing. I prefer the relatively unknown video service Vimeo over YouTube.

You've all heard of YouTube--it's the place that everyone uploads their videos. It's easy, it works, and...I don't use it for my Web site.

Yeah, I'm sure that I'll eventually upload all my videos to YouTube. YouTube has a huge following, and it's the biggest video search engine out there. Some reports have YouTube right behind Yahoo! among the largest search engines around. So, I know I have to post my videos there, and I will.

But for now, my videos are on Vimeo. You might not even have heard of Vimeo. People can argue about whether YouTube or Vimeo is easy to use, or provides sufficient quality.

I chose Vimeo for a different reason, however. At the end of every YouTube video viewing, the viewer is prompted to watch other related YouTube videos. And that makes sense when you've come to YouTube's site and watched a video you like. But I have also embedded the videos on my site, and I am not interested in hawking other people's videos on my own Web site (through the embedded YouTube video).

Vimeo doesn't do this. At the end of a Vimeo video, it asks the viewer to view other videos, just like YouTube, but with one huge difference--the other videos are also mine. That way, at least it's still my message being shown rather than someone else.

It might be a small thing to some, but to me it's important.

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I love Vimeo as well, but did not make the move over when I read the... "Businesses may not use Vimeo to promote their business in any way." portion of their "Uploading Guidelines'.

Much of what I do is Educational but it still 'promotes' me and my business. Seemed to me like Vimeo is more interested in being the 'Personal' Video space.



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