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Fear Not

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As a tag to Beth Harte's twitter post, I wanted to share a story that is from First Hand Information. Not to digress, but my old boss, turned mentor, had one of many sayings, but one that has stuck with me is "Do you have first hand information" and to him, if it wasn't first hand information, it wasn't credible. Well, my story here is First hand Information, so I hope you find it credible.

Without a doubt, online networking has been the mainstay of my practice. But like local networking, it must be done in a conscientious manner in order to be effective. As with any kind of professional networking, you must fine tune your approach and strive to build a reputable profile.  And that is where, unfortunately, too many business people go astray. Here are some rules to live by (and profit by!) when networking on the web.



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