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As small business people, we often know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a helping hand. This is a brief profile of two small business owners who have been there and decided to try and give back by providing a platform for business to help business. BusinessHelpingBusiness is founded on the principle that businesses can help other businesses to survive and succeed by making needs known and favors available. This is an entirely grassroots movement intended to bring together large and small, global and local, and product and service businesses alike in cooperation rather than competition.

My family has been dealing with a real crisis the last few weeks. My father-in-law, after 80 years of remarkable health, was suddenly hospitalized for weakness and back pain and subsequently diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. His outlook is terminal, but he wants to stay home if possible—"No nursing home," he regularly thunders. Now, I know that it's possible to care for Dad the way he wants, and I know it's possible to get coverage for it, but God bless me if I could figure that out from the Web. If you look at the Web sites of the myriad businesses that provide home health care, you'd be hard-pressed to do anything but give them a call.



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