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So, you have started a Small Business, and after a couple years you find yourself growing rapidly. You were able to manage just about everything yourself, but you knew that if your plan was going to work, it could not possibly stay that way forever
Lumpy mail can be defined as anything sent through the postal service or other carriers that stands out. It should be unexpected and unusual. Lumpy mail may be sent in an envelope or package, but often it is sent with no packaging at all. Leo has sent bank bags, sports bottles, baby bottles and large rubber balls through the mail with only stamps.
"The problem with panic is that it leads to bad decisions. While everybody else is selling, Warren Buffett, the second-richest man in the world (and soon to be the first), is buying. The reason? He always keeps his head. He understands the economic cycle. He knows that while things have gotten way out of whack, the laws of economics have not been repealed, and there are still real companies creating real value out there. While nobody can see a clear way out of these economic straits, acting out of fear will likely make things worse. That's as true of advertising as it is of investing."
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