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My wife and I are in the midst of moving my mother-in-law from New York to New Jersey, and one of the things she needs help with is changing her car registration and driver's license. So, as you might expect, I headed to the Web to find out what to do. What I found from the New Jersey motor vehicle bureau has a lesson in it for many small business Web sites.

The Most Important Part of a Web Site


I am constantly running into small business owners who are very concerned about the Web. They typically fall into two groups: those that have a Web site and those that don't. But both groups are concerned because they just aren't getting any business from the Web. The ones that have no Web site know why, but they don't know what to do. The ones who have Web sites don't know why, but still don't know what to do. Both groups need to understand the most important part of any small business Web site, but almost none of them do.

Mama Don't Take My Google Chrome Away!


No, this isn't a review of Google's new Chrome browser. But the release of that browser is a wake-up call for complacent Web developers—yes, even small businesses with Web sites count as Web developers. The browser wars are back with a vengeance, and while that is great for browser users, it's a pain in the pettute for Web site owners, because you need to test for the dreaded browser compatibility.



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