Artist Contract & Templates
Art Commission Template, Digital Art Commission Contract, Display Card Templates, Publicity & Promotion

Artist Press Release
Example template for an artist to make an announcement to press

What Is An Art Commission
Commission of art is the process of requesting the creation of a piece of artwork by an artist. This may done between the buyer and artist though the completion of a contract agreement that sets the terms and conditions of the process along with deadlines, pricing and payment.

Art Project Proposal
Sample proposal of art to be presented for completion of a project

Freelance Artist Contract
Agreement between an independent artist for hire and a contractor

Certificate of Authenticity
Blank certificate to authenticate artwork by the original artist

Art Gallery Label
Template that you can print when displaying art within a gallery

Jewelry Card
Sample form to create a display care for the presentation of jewelry

About the Artist
Example template to tell people about an artist's background and work

Artist Statement
Sample statement of an artitst about their work displayed in public