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Order Form for Flowers
Template for ordering flowers and floral arrangements

Event Management Contract


Name of Event








Event Date


Time of Reservation


Number of Guests

Payment Method (please select one) :

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Diners Club

Credit Card Number:


Credit Card Expiration Date:


Credit Card CVC:



[Company Name] must receive an exact final headcount by the following date ____ / ____ / _____. This event carries a minimum person allowance of [# of People], and this amount of people will be charged whether the event goes ahead or is cancelled. Should you need to add more guests after the signing of this contract then please contact [Company Name] and we will endeavour to assist your needs as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Food & Beverage

[Company Name] must receive all menu choices and beverage choices [# of Days] before the date of this CONTRACT. The price per head for food and beverages is [$000.00] and a price per head for dessert which has been agreed at [$000.00]. Should you wish to bring some of your own wine, beer, ale, cider, Champagne or Cava then a corkage fee will be billed to your account at [$000.00] per bottle. Due to market changes, menu choices and beverages are subject to change at any time and at the discretion of [Company Name].

Deposit & Payment

[Company Name] does not require a deposit as the client has provided a valid credit card number to cover all costs, including extra costs incurred during the event. All extra costs must be cleared by the client prior to being invoiced.

Service Charges & Sales Tax

[Company Name] charges [$000.00] gratuity and [$000.00] sales tax. These amounts will be included in your final bill and cover food, beverages and gratuity.

Cancellation Fees

[Company Name] charges [$000.00] cancellation fee after the signing of this contract. The event will be cancelled in the correct manner and a bill sent to the client.

Reservation Policy

It is essential that all your guests arrive on time. Should your party arrive late [Company Name] cannot guarantee the completion of all courses and/or entertainment runs smoothly. Your event has been allocated [# Hours], therefore, if you arrive late to your event you not only jeopardise your own event but the party who are using the space after you. Please be respectful to [Company Name] and the party of people who will follow you.

By signing this contract you agree to all Terms and Conditions, dates, times, length of event and costs.

Client Signature


[Company Name] Signature




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