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Letter Requesting Credit References
This sample of a letter requesting credit references allows you to record your customer's history prior to extending them credit terms with your business. The letter requests information about their overall history including their high credit limit, current balance, payment history along with any late payments and how long the account has been open.

Free Letter Requesting Credit References


Credit Information Request

Friday, May 24, 2024

[To] Company Name
First, Last Name
Mailing Address
City, State 00000

RE: Credit Reference for [APPLICANT NAME]

Dear Sir/Madam:

Our company, [BUSINESS NAME], has received a request for credit terms from [APPLICANT NAME] whom has provided you as a credit reference. Please answer the following questions to assist us in making a decision regarding the application for credit.

______________ How long has [APPLICANT NAME] had an open account?

______________ Credit Limit

______________ Current Balance

______________ High Balance

______________ Number of Late Payment

Additional Comments:

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above questions. All information provided by you above will be held confidential. Please return this form to [BUSINESS NAME] before [DATE] within the enclosed stamped envelope.