Consultant Agreement Contract
Simple contract for consultant providing a client agreement

Consulting Agreement

This consulting agreement is effective from this day of ____ / ____ / _____ and is between [Name of Company] and [Name of Client], signed in the state of [State].

In this agreement the party who is contracting to receive services shall be referred to as "Client" and the party who is providing the services to the client will be referred to as "Consultant".









1. Scope

The consultant agrees to provide the following services to the client.






2. Commencement & Completion

The services shall begin on ____ / ____ / _____

Check one of the options below for the end date:

☐ On the date of ____ / ____ / _____

☐ At completion of the services performed

☐ Upon when either party may terminate this agreement with ____ days notice

☐ Other:

3. Rate of Pay & Invoicing

The consultant agrees to work for ____ hours per week for the services rendered. The client shall agree to pay the consultant as follows:

Select one of the options below

☐ Weekly

☐ Monthly

☐ Per Project Completion

☐ Per Hour

4. Retainer

A fee of $ ____ will be invoiced to the client by the consultant on the first [state day] of every [state week, month, per project completion or per hour rate] for all the services provided and performed as well as for all the pre-approved expenses occurred during the prior [state week or month].

☛ The client is required to pay the invoice within [state # of days] of receiving the invoice.

☛ The client and the consultant agree that the payments are to be made via [state payment method]. The client agrees to send proof of payment each time to the following email address [state email].

5. Expenses

The consultant shall be reimbursed for any reasonable production costs and expenses relating to the project in hand.

☛ The client is required to pre-approve all expenses before raising an invoice for expenses within [state days] of receiving the invoice.

☛ The consultant agrees to provide proof of all purchases made and send to the following email address [state email].

The manner in which the services are to be performed and the specific hours to be worked by the consultant shall be determined by the consultant

6. Confidentiality

Upon signing of this agreement the consultant agrees to nondisclosure of any confidential, including, but not limited to non-technical information, such as: patents, copyright, trade secrets, proprietary information, computer files and documents, client information either past, current or future, client property, client's customers information, purchasing, business forecasts, licenses, sales, merchandising and marketing/PR.

7. Ownership

The consultant agrees that all work developed either by him/her or employees, trainees, colleagues is the sole property of the client and shall retain no ownership, interest or rights to the work produced. This includes but is not limited to reports, graphical data, memoranda, slogans, logos, taglines.

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