DJ Contract
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DJ Recording Contract

This CONTRACT, entered into on this day ____, month of ______ 20 ______ , is prepared for [state name of artist] and [state recording company]. Hereinafter referred to as "Contractor" (Company) and (DJ Artist) hereinafter referred to as "Artist".

This contract must be approved by signing at the bottom and ticking "Accept Contract". If you have any questions, please email [state email].

Dear [state name of artist]

Please review the terms and conditions of this Recording Contract between [state recording company] and [state DJ artist] for the following recordings to be signed and distributed by any labels operated by [state recording company].


This CONTRACT, upon your signature approval, shall constitute a legally binding CONTRACT under which you assign to us exclusive rights throughout the Universe for both MASTER recordings and musical compositions (referred to herein as "TRACKS"). For the avoidance of doubt, "TRACKS" refers to both Master recordings and musical compositions. This CONTRACT is made and entered into as of this date ____ / ____ / ____ , between [state recording company (hereinafter referred to as "label", located at:







[STATE DJ ARTIST] hereby relinquishes all ownership rights and granting the LABEL and its successors, assigns, and licenses, the exclusive, irrevocable right of ownership and sole exclusive right to use and exploit the specified TRACKS as follows:

  1. LABEL has agreed to pay future royalties at the rate specified above to ARTIST for the master and remix package of the TRACKS specified above. There will be no advance payment for said TRACKS unless stated in the "Allowed Expenses" clause of this CONTRACT or in an amendment to this CONTRACT. Royalty rates are based on net profits after the stores/services (i.e. [NAME COMPANY] and the LABEL'S distributor (i.e. NAME RECORDING COMPANY] have earned their commission.

  2. The territory covered by this agreement is the Universe.

  3. ARTIST warrants that he/she is authorised to assign the rights herein, and that the use of each Master will not violate the rights of any third party. ARTIST shall indemnify costs, losses, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney/solicitor fees) of LABEL arising out of any breach or failure of any warranties or covenants made by ARTIST herein.

  4. ARTIST'S rights and remedies in the event of a breach of this CONTRACT shall be limited to ARTIST'S right, if any, to recover damages in an action at law.

  5. This license shall be governed by and subject to the laws of [WHICH STATE] applicable to agreements made and to wholly performed therein.

  6. Both parties agreed that this CONTRACT will hold for a minimum of [STATE YEARS], after which the ARTIST can request a termination of this CONTRACT any time after [STATE YEARS] has passed from the signing date of this CONTRACT. The LABEL reserves the right to cancel at any time.
    1. There will be royalties paid at the rates listed above for sales and streams of each Master specified above. Royalty rates are based on their net profits after the stores/services (i.e. [STATE RECORDING COMPANY] and the LABEL'S distributor [STATE LABEL'S DISTRIBUTOR] have earned their commission.

    2. Any third party licensing will be split according to the royalty rates listed above.

    3. Deductions relating to any costs and advances may be made from this royalty as outlined in the "Allowed Expenses" section of this CONTRACT. For the avoidance of doubt, if there are no "Allowed Expenses", then there will be no expenses or deductions.
  7. Adjusted remix royalties may be privileged for specific remixes confirmed via email or by prior written agreement from the ARTIST.
    1. Additional remixes may be chosen through a contest or at discretion from [STATE RECORDING COMPANY]. Any original Master is subjected to additional remixes released and chosen at the discretion of [STATE RECORDING COMPANY]. The original ARTIST will receive an equal share of [STATE %] of sales of additional remixes without an additional CONTRACT being required.

    2. Additional remixes procured by the ARTIST for distribution through a third party must obtain written permission from [STATE RECORDING COMPANY] before proceeding.

    3. Payment will be made to said ARTIST alone, who will be responsible for paying any dependent collaborators.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt [STATE RECORDING COMPANY] reserves the right to re-release these TRACKS on any LABEL distributed by [STATE RECORDING COMPANY]. [STATE RECORDING COMPANY] will not re-release TRACKS without the consent of [STATE RECORDING COMPANY]. Any re-releases on [STATE RECORDING COMPANY] LABELS will earn the ARTIST the same in royalties as the original release.

  9. Royalty payments will be made [STATE MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, TWICE YEARLY, YEARLY]. Payments made be withheld if the sum does not match or exceed the withholding amount of [STATE AMOUNT $]. Held payments will be automatically added to the next [STATE MONTH]. The withholding amount per [MONTH/QUARTER] is subject to change without notice. The LABEL will only contract the ARTIST in the event their dues have been reached [STATE DUES $]. The LABEL is not responsible for contacting the ARTIST should their royalties not reach the withholding amount. The ARTIST can at any time request a statement or payment history, regardless if their royalty has reached the withholding amount.

  10. If the LABEL does not release said TRACKS within six months of the following date _______/_______/_______/, of this signed CONTRACT then rights for said TRACKS will revert back to said ARTISTS.

This represents the entire CONTRACT between [NAME ARTIST] and the LABEL with regard to said TRACKS. This CONTRACT may be approved by signing below and sending a copy by mail to [STATE EMAIL] or by mail to [STATE ADDRESS]. Amendments to this CONTRACT can be made with written (including, but not limited to, email) approval by both parties.









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